Best Vegetarian Menu

Gold: Mr. Tandoori Urban Bar & Grill

310 S Victoria Ave., (719) 544-3000

For restaurants, vegetarians are the fastest growing sector by a lot. The number of vegetarians have increased exponentially over the last five years and there are no signs of slowing. So when Puebloans want to enjoy some vegetarian cuisine, they head to this year’s repeat winner for vegetarian eatery, Mr. Tandoori. With their own blend of Indian spices, they serve up lentils, potatoes, chickpeas, eggplant and many other tasty choices for the vegetarian palate.

Silver: Souper Salad!

4120 N. Freeway (719) 546-3460

Bronze: The Hanging Tree Cafe (formerly The Daily Grind)

209 S. Union Ave. (719) 561-8567