Best Late Night Eatery

Gold: Adolfo’s Mexican Food

3056 W. Northern, (719) 564-1386

4104 Outlook Blvd. (719) 543-4580

If you find yourself starving at 4 a.m. your options are somewhat limited. But for those in the know, the best game in town is Adolfo’s, a repeat winner for Best Late Night Eatery. Tasty burritos, tacos, and tortas keep the night owls from going hungry. With two locations, open 24 hours a day, and carne asada fries, there’s never a reason to skip on Adolfo’s.

Silver: IHOP

4701 N. Freeway Rd. (719) 546-0070

2015 S. Pueblo Blvd. (719) 564-4600

Bronze: The Starlite Diner

109 Central Plaza (719) 543-4823