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Top Dollar Pawn (Gold)

Top Dollar Pawn (Gold)

Gold: Top Dollar Pawn

902 Highway 50 West (719) 295-7296

1301 W. 4th St., (719) 545-5626

Don’t let perfectly good items sit around gathering dust and cluttering your garage. Trade your valuable but unused items for some cold hard cash. Top Dollar Pawn has been serving Pueblo since 2005. If you’re in the market for firearms, musical equipment, jewelry and more, the staff and Top Dollar Pawn can help you find what you’re looking for.

Silver: American Jewelry and Pawn

1603 S. Prairie Ave., (719) 561-2274

2625 N. Elizabeth St., (719) 542-2274

Bronze: EZ Pawn

3130 W. Northern Ave., (719) 564-5886

3000 N. Elizabeth St., (719) 543-9403