Picnic Spot

Gold: Pueblo Mountain Park & Environmental Center

9112 Mountain Park Rd. Beulah, (719) 485-4444

This park dates back to the 1930’s and with more than 600 acres to explore it’s this year’s favorite spot for a picnic. The short drive to Beulah is more than worth it as you start seeing all different kinds of birds, trees, and flowers. Park your picnic basket near any of the numerous trails and hike off the calories on a trip up to Fire Tower and take in the views at 7400 feet or explore the renovated Horseshoe Lodge. Either way you’ll be glad you did.

Silver: City Park

800 Goodnight Ave., (719) 553-2790

Bronze: Mineral Palace

1500-2100 N. Sante Fe, (719) 553-2790