High School Tradition

The Bell Game

The Bell Game

Gold: The Bell Game

Central High School 216 E. Orman
Centennial High School 2525 Mountview Drive

Since 1892 high school kids have been cheering for either the Central Wildcats or the Centennial Bulldogs in what is without question the longest running, most well known, high school rivalry in the state. Whether you paint your face red or blue, you know that cheering your alma mater is a Friday night blockbuster as tickets always sell out. Football fans will be quick to tell you who they’re rooting for and nearly everyone in town will have some memory of Bell Game. For the kids who play in it it’s an instant classic and a memory for life, for the 12,500 fans watching it’s a chance for bragging rights for the year.

Silver: Cannon Game


Bronze: Pigskin Classic