Gray's Coors TavernGold: Gray’s Coors Tavern

515 W. Fourth St., (719) 544-0455

Though many locals have their own opinions on the slopper, Gray’s Coors Tavern has risen as the leader of the pack for Pueblo’s favorite smothered cheeseburger. This Pueblo tradition features an open-faced hamburger covered with red or green chile (or both) and topped with melted cheese and onions. The sloppers at Coors have been flying out of the kitchen since the concoction was invented nearly 50 years ago and fill the tummies of hungry diners each day.

Silver: Hen House Café

53 E. Palmer Lake Drive, Pueblo West, (719) 647-1048

Bronze: Sunset Inn

2808 Thatcher Ave., (719) 564-9841