Local burger

Bingo BurgerGold: Bingo Burger

101 Central Plaza, (719) 225-8363

Bingo Burger is the brainchild of local chef Richard Warner. Since Pueblo is famous for its hot and spicy Pueblo chilies, Warner had the idea to combine them with hamburger to make…BINGO…a Bingo Burger! Warner’s burgers combine fresh, local, naturally raised beef with Pueblo chilies straight from the St. Charles Mesa, for a combination unlike anything else in town. The menu ranges from a classic burger to unique local treats like “The St. Mary’s” featuring a chile burger topped with Pueblo chile jack cheese, bacon and a fried egg, or the “Steel City” which boasts two bingo burgers, cheddar, bacon and caramelized onions. Aside from those bountiful burgers, BB also offers local craft beers and fresh milkshakes to compliment your meal.

Silver: Cactus Flower

4610 N. Elizabeth St., (719) 545-8218

Bronze: The Hangar

100 W. 23rd St., (719) 544-8208