Coffee House

Co-owner of Solar Roast Coffee, David Hartkop, sits in the shop's dining area Monday afternoon March 9, 2015 while talking about his time as an adjunct teacher at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, Colo. Hartkop spent time teaching at the school in 2013 but is no longer teaching there. (Bryan Kelsen, The Pueblo Chieftain)Gold: Solar Roast

226 N. Main St., (719) 544-2008

Innovation meets hometown comfort at Solar Roast Coffee House in Pueblo’s Downtown. Solar Roast offers a quaint atmosphere, delicious bistro snacks and the best coffee in town. Home to the world’s only solar-powered coffee roaster, this shop is Pueblo’s favorite place to grab a cup of Joe, eat a snack and enjoy the great location. The idea of solar roasting began with brothers Dave and Mike Hartkop’s dream to use the sun as a way to roast coffee. Since 2004, the brothers have developed the only solar roaster in the world and are now gaining notoriety for their revolutionary coffee-roasting methods. Solar Roast coffee is now available in stores in over 20 states, but for locals, the shop is a place often patronized and much enjoyed.

Silver: The Daily Grind

209 S. Union Ave., (719) 561-8567

Bronze: Donut Oven

198 S. Purcell Blvd., Pueblo West, (719) 547-5085