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Joe E. CerviGold: Joe Cervi – The Pueblo Chieftain

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Joe E. Cervi is in his 21st year with the Chieftain sports department and his 27th year as a professional journalist. He attended St. Peter’s preschool, Sunset Park Elementary, Pitts Middle School and is a 1984 graduate of Central High School. After a scary freshman year of too many personal freedoms and academic probation, he matriculated his way to a degree in journalism from Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 1988. He has been employed as a working journalist ever since, which is to say that he is extremely lucky. A proud Parrothead who believes that life is better untucked, Cervi has been married to Saint Lynn for nearly 25 years. They have three kids: Tori The Great, Jules My Love and Geno, The Greatest Kid on Earth (that’s how they entered their info into his phone). Cervi believes that being afforded to opine in public through his columns is an honor and a privilege. His late, great-uncle used to say, “They may love you or they may hate you, but they’re going to read you.” And he is grateful every day for you, the readers.

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