Dog Kennel/Pet Sitter

dogkennelGold: A Country Canine Resort

2424 N. Freeway Road, (719) 543-3647

A Country Canine Resort aims to give your pets a vacation while you take yours. Located in a refurbished hotel on North Freeway Road, the business offers both indoor and outdoor kennels with radiant heat in the flooring and webcams for owners who want to pay a virtual visit to their loved animals. There’s also a pool for the dogs and a dog park area where dogs can mingle if the owners choose to allow it. Cats aren’t forgotten either. The business has boarding room for felines as well.

Silver: Mountain View Pet Lodge

457 S. Angus Ave., Pueblo West, (719) 647-2459

Bronze: Avalon Pet Services

1029 W. 14th St., (719) 561-3599