The Pass Key SpecialGold: Pass Key

518 E. Abriendo Ave. | 719.542.0827
3416 W. Northern Ave. | 719.566.0067
82 S. Radnor Dr. | 719.547.7747
1901 U.S. 50 W. | 719.542.9144

The Pagano family certainly knows how to craft an award-winning sandwich. They’ve been doing so since 1952. The famous Italian flavor is noticeable in every dish and it’s something that is a Pueblo tradition. The popular Pass Key Special contains ingredients that can turn a bad day into a great one. Put an equally famous Pueblo green chile on the sandwich to make a delightful favorite and a desirable meal.

Silver: Rocco’s Riverside Deli

1300 W. 4th St. | 719.582.1616

Bronze: Mozo’s Great American Heroes

1904 Jones Ave. | 719.566.7792