Healthy food

Natural Grocer's Vitamin CottageGold: Natural Grocer’s Vitamin Cottage

101 W. 29th St. | 719.542.2411

Pueblo has more than its fair share of fast food and not-so-healthy choices of food. Natural Grocer’s Vitamin Cottage gives those looking for a healthy alternative plenty of options. There are various organic and natural options such as eggs, meat, poultry, seafood and fish. You also can get nutritional supplements to aid your fight to stay healthy.

Silver: Complete Nutrition

820 U.S. 50 | 719.568.1559

Bronze: Nutritional Fuel (TIE)

2715 S. Prairie Ave. | 719.369.7070

Bronze: Schrock’s Health Food (TIE)

1515 Moore Ave. | 719.564.0940