Fried chicken

Deep fried fast food, spring chicken in golden lemon batterGold: Popeye’s Fried Chicken

1301 U.S. 50 | 719.296.9495
1930 S. Pueblo Blvd. | 719.566.1833

Louisiana fast and Louisiana good. The mere sight of the chicken is enough to make anyone want more and more of Popeye’s Louisiana chicken. For years it’s been a favorite of Pueblo. There always is great flavor in the chicken regardless if it’s mild or spicy, and each bite is as fulfilling as the last. Between the deal on Tuesday — two pieces of chicken for 99-cents — the signature sauces, the famous biscuits and the flavorful jambalaya, there’s no question who runs the chicken scene in Pueblo.

Silver: Pasta Cottage

1525 E. Evans Ave. | 719.564.0095

Bronze: The Hen House

53 E. Palmer Lake Dr. | 719.647.1048