Chain family dining

ApplebeesGold: Applebee’s

4001 W. Northern Ave. | 719.564.6090
3428 N. Elizabeth St. | 719.542.2598

Dim lights, karaoke, great service with a family friendly menu and environment are staples at Applebee’s. The famous “2 for $20” (one appetizer and two entrées for $20) give even the pickiest of eaters options on an already plentiful menu. The kid’s menu features a “Really Hungry” and ‘”Really Really Hungry” menu for the little ones who have minor or major cravings. There also are senior discounts for those 60 and older.

Silver: Chili’s

5600 N. Elizabeth St. | 719.542.3945

Bronze: Olive Garden

3240 N. Elizabeth St. | 719.253.0033