All you can eat

buffet-items-873133-mGold: Golden Corral

3400 N. Elizabeth St. | 719.545.3384

A menu that looks like an unfinished to-do list for breakfast, lunch and dinner choices for kids, adults and seniors. There is no disappointment when it comes to the food on this buffet. There is plenty of room for anyone looking to maintain healthy eating habits. There is a variety of choices with the buffet of vegetables as well. For those who want their pound of flesh, the buffet has ham, steak, ribs, turkey, chicken, burgers as well as myriad seafood. If you’re still not satisfied after your meal, the Brass Bell Bakery has more than enough sweets and desserts to please customers.

Silver: Country Buffet

3020 Hart Rd. | 719.545.3502

Bronze: Souper Salad

4120 N. Freeway Rd. | 719.546.3460