Ken LaCrue, center, roars with approval after the Denver Bronco defense stopped the Atlanta Falcons on a fourth down play in the first quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl. LaCrue was taking in the game at Smitty's Greenlight Tavern. Chieftain photo by Mike SweeneyGold: Smitty’s Greenlight Tavern

227 N. Santa Fe Ave. | 719. 543.2747

The folks at Smitty’s think of your drive from work to there with the 5:17 p.m. start time of Panic Hour. They also know how to treat your pockets with the $1 beers, mixed drinks, bombs and shots during that period. The tavern is a great place to sit back and have a brew with your friends or after a tough day at the office.

Silver: Gus’s Place

1201 Elm St. | 719.542.0755

Bronze: The Grove Tavern

901 E. C St. | 719.299.2099