Gold: Mark Anderson – Heroes Academy

715 W. 20th St. | 719.549.7410

Mark Anderson wanted to do something in life that was meaningful, a job in which he gave something back to the community in which he grew up … a rewarding job. He’s found working with autistic children. For the past three years, he has been a behavior advocate at Heroes K-8 Academy (formerly Freed Middle School) in all three grade (6-8) levels. “A lot goes into it,” Anderson said. “They all work at different levels, low to high function, and different pace. Basically, you have to accommodate (the teachers’) lesson plans to their level.” Anderson works with between 12 and 16 students.

Silver: Pat Gallardo – South High School

1801 Hollywood Dr. | 719.549.7255

Bronze: Jaime Quinn – Corwin International Magnet School

1500 Lakeview Ave. 719-549-7400