Sporting Goods

Martial artsGold: Citizens Self Protection

4750 Thatcher Ave. | 719.242.6214

The primary focus of Citizens Self Protection is to train people in self-defense, but with it comes the sale of products that people need to protect themselves, owner Rick Martinez said of his business. “A lot of people come to us for training but often need self-defense products. We’ve had more than 1,000 students in our classes receiving handgun training and self-defense. We pride ourselves in taking people who don’t know a lot of about guns and actually have some apprehension about even being here, and by the end of the day are smiling and comfortable enough to take it (shooting) up recreationally.”

Silver: Sports Authority

3325 Dillon Dr. | 719.253.0852

Bronze: Big 5

4330 N. Freeway Ave. | 719.542.0073