Gold: Gray’s Coors Tavern

515 West Fourth St. | 719-544-0455
In the long disputed battle, Coors Tavern has proven to be a Pueblo mainstay, with Pueblo’s slopper, a local classic. With a hamburger on an open faced bun, topped with cheese and onions and smothered with green chile, Coors does it best. Regular patrons and those who have never tried the slopper seek out Coors to get their fix, in one of Pueblo’s oldest bars and restaurants. The eatery was even featured on the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars,” as one of the only places in Pueblo that serves the regional classic.
Silver: Cactus Flower
4610 N. Elizabeth St. | 719-545-8218
Bronze: The Sunset Inn
2808 Thatcher Ave. | 719-564-9841