Gold: Pass Key (The Special)

518 E. Abriendo Ave. | 719542-0827
3416 W. Northern Ave. | 719-566-0067
82 S. Radnor Drive | 719-547-7747
1901 U.S. 50 West | 719-542-9144
“The Special” sausage sandwich from Pass Key has been Pueblo’s favorite since 1952. Consisting of Pass Key’s “best handmade sausage in the world,” the sandwich features spicy Italian sausage that is cooked to perfection, placed in between two fresh pieces of French bread, topped with American, swiss, or provolone cheese and mustard with a side of crispy French fries. Crowds pack into each of Pass Key’s locations each day to get a fix of their favorite Pueblo sandwich.
Silver: Rocco’s Riverside Deli
1300 W. Fourth St. 719-582-1616
Bronze: Paul’s Great American Heroes
1904 Jones Ave. | 719-566-7792
612 N. Main St. | 719-582-1346