Pizza – (local)

Gold: Angelo’s Pizza Parlor

105 West Riverwalk | 719-544-8588
74 North Component Drive | 719-547-4388
With the most extensive pizza menu in town, Angelo’s incorporates a local flair into the traditional New York style pizza that keeps Puebloans hungry for more. Using ingredients like fresh Pueblo chilies on the “Musso Farms Pizza”, hints of Pueblo flavor can be found in each of the classic and innovative new pizza concoctions. Angelo’s on the Riverwalk even features “The Big Joey”, a pizza the size of a tire, enough for a family or even just one hungry person.

Silver: Do Drop Inn
1201 S. Santa Fe Avenue | 719-542-0818

Bronze: Ianne’s Pizzeria
515 W. Northern Ave. | 719-542-5942 | Facebook