Fries – (local)

Gold: Bingo Burger

101 Central Plaza 719-225-8363
You can’t eat a hamburger without fries, and Bingo Burger owner Richard Warner specializes in the perfect pairing. Offering either French fries or, sweet potato fries, the savory sides are prepared fresh daily, with organic, locally grown potatoes that are fried in pure canola oil. If that doesn’t already sound good, Bingo Burger specializes in custom dipping sauces for the tasty treats, including Thai Chili Ketchup, Roasted Garlic Blue Cheese, Chipotle Ranch and Bacon Mayo, sure to satisfy the craving of any fry lover.
Silver: Gold Dust Saloon
217 S. Union Ave. 719-545-0741
Bronze: Gray’s Coors Tavern
515 W. Fourth St. 719-544-0455