Gold: Hopscotch Bakery

333 South Union Ave. | 719.542.4467

A single vote separated the top two vote-getters in this category. It was the Union Avenue business that edged out the longstanding Mesa Junction favorite. Hopscotch Bakery is where classic and contemporary meet for handcrafted sweets. The shop offer artisan breads, scrumptious single-sized cakes, delightful cupcakes and cookies. If you haven’t tried its Kitchen Sink cookie, you’ve not lived.

Silver: Schusters Banquet Bakery

115 E. Abriendo Ave.

Bronze: Country Oven

415 N. Greenwood St.


  • Lifetime Puebloan

    I dont know who you polled but it aint so, and you dont go broke in Schusters. You also do not see lines out the door at Hopscotch. Just try and get that orange chiffon cake anywhere but Schusters but keep dreamin, the lines tell the story. They have to hire security at Schusters for the holidays. I doubt Schusters is worried.

  • The readers voted on these this you were able to go online and vote or fill out the form that was in the chieftain.

  • babs

    Must have been a pretty small sample of folks, Schusters is an icon in Pueblo. Never have I had frosting like theirs on a cake anywhere else. The hallloween cookies, the potica, it;s not a specialty little bakeshop, it’s an icon neighbohood bakery.

  • Lilliana

    Doubt that there are that many who want artisan cupcakes. Give me an orange chiffon cake or a nice big cream puff from Schusters anyday.

  • I think the naysayers are the same people who gripe about government but don’t think their vote counts so they don’t vote. I didn’t vote for the bakery category so have nothing negative to say about the outcome. Still know in my heart which bakery I love.