Gold: Rose the Chef, LLC


Rose DeLaCruz was 52 years old, a widow with nothing to do when she enrolled in the Pueblo Community College culinary arts program. She graduated with honors, proudly noting that she made the dean’s list.

She decided to be a personal chef and since 2009 has take one or two customers at a time, whether it be going to their house to cook every day, prepare meals for a week or month at a time, or prepared meals for special gatherings such as a family reunion or other small group events. She prepares any type meal you want, from Mexican to special diet for diabetics. Her husband, who also is a graduate of the PCC program, is her sous chef.

Her reaction to be named he best chef by voters? “Holy moly, let me sit down!”

Silver: Eric Copeland

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Bronze: Curt Topping

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